Why become a Timbershop?

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The easiest and most effective way for Timber Merchants to set up and sell online.

Why would you want an online shop to sell timber?

On Google alone in the UK there are regular searches online for suppliers of timber and timber based products.

Search Term No. of Searches per MONTH in the UK
Timber Merchants 74,000
Timber 1,500,000
Decking 301,000
Sleepers 246,000
Fencing 823,000

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Research shows that in all trades initial pricing and costing of 90% of construction, building and home DIY projects is all carried out online before the products are finally sourced and purchased.

So in one average month a Decking project would be researched online for costs and delivery and local suppliers identified through websites and of those 60% are then ordered directly online for reasons of convenience and cost.

At 301,000 average searches per month that represents a lot of business being missed or overlooked.

I had a website and got no interest, why would I want one now?

Timber-on-line.com Ltd (TOL) has over 8 years of experience of selling online. Our products and stores regularly appear highly for search terms within the major search engines.

Poorly marketed sites or sites that fail to deliver what the customer is looking for will never be successful. If you have a site that only offers basic information then it is unlikely that you will achieve much in todays ‘web-savvy’ world. The £200 per month administration and marketing fee enables us to work each and every month on your site to ensure that the search engines are recongising your shop for the popular keywords and terms.

At TOL we have the experience and expertise to help you to achieve acceptable returns on your website investment, with an added bonus. We will help to market your site and your business through our network.

Last year Timberclick.com received over 250,000 visitors, many of whom revisited and placed orders for Timber products. This year we aim to double that figure and many of those visitors will also see Timbershop alternatives.

The question is not why I would want a Timbershop? But rather, why wouldn’t I want a Timbershop? With so much business traffic coming through our sites we cannot think of a single reason why you would not want to take up the offer of a Timbershop, especially as there is no long term tie in if you feel for some reason that the shop is not working for you, as yet we have not experienced a Merchant leave our network

Sounds like too much hard work, and I have no experience about setting up a website let alone an online shop!

That’s the beauty of the Timbershop solution. We set everything up for you and continue to manage and administer it on a daily basis, all you actually need to do is advise us of any price changes, new products, special offers etc, and of course process orders from emails and phone calls, simple really!

Will I need a payment processing merchant account?

Yes. But we have identified a number of payment merchant services and banking companies that will assist you in being able to handle payments online. The most popular and easiest to use are Paypal and Stripe, both incredibly easy to set up, can be done within 48 hours. Again we can help you with this.

 What about other local competitors?

We are very selective in who we choose to become a Timbershop and only select a few Timbershop representatives from any catchment area. This means that the level of competition is limited but allows the Timbershop system to offer the widest variety of products making it a more attractive place to shop for Timber products.

What are the options?

If you already have an Ecommerce online presence that fits with our very basic specifications then we can list your site as a Timbershop immediately and the annual cost would be £250. You will obviously benefit from traffic being directed back into your own online shop.

If you don’t have an ecommerce site or your site fails to meet the criteria then we can set up an ecommerce site for you, branded completely to your company (as we have done for existing TimberShop Merchants) and with your products set up and optimised towards search engine marketing.

We never publish prices as we don’t want our competitors to see how much we charge. Why would I want a Timbershop?

Recent studies by marketing groups have indicated that over 92% of internet users go to websites to find out prices before they even look to purchase.

Statistics show that 71% of users will then select an internet source that they used to research the initial prices as their place to order.

In addition, 66% of users will have more than two competitive websites open at the same time when selecting products to purchase and are 85% more likely to order from a website that offers a clear definitive route to order including detailing tax, prices and delivery costs.

Research has shown that websites that do not display product prices are 60% more likely to be dismissed by the user as a purchasing option.
It is worth remembering that price alone is not always the key decision choice for people making purchases online, but merely one important factor among many others.

Other important decision making factors are;
· Location
· Delivery fees
· Delivery times
· Product information
· Project help

What’s the difference between Timberclick and Timbershops?

Timberclick is a specific exclusive brand that promises good quality products from investigated and approved Timber Merchants who agree to service an area on behalf of the Timberclick brand.

Timbershops are independent Timber Merchants who offer ecommerce facilities and conform to Timbershops strict criteria on customer service and product selection. There is no area exclusivity and Timbershop owners trade under their own brand and name.

Although there is no area exclusivity, we have limited the number of Timbershops that may trade within a local area and each Timbershop MUST conform to minimum levels of customer service.






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